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Polynesian Gothic: Tikahiri's back with new album & clip

February 19, 2010

Tikahiri on Stage

Tikahiri's new album Merahi Kerekere

Tikahiri, my favorite Pa’umotu goth band – and perhaps the only Pa’umoth goth band that ever will exist – is about to release their second studio album dubbed Merahi Kerekere. According to the band’s Facebook page, the discs are sous douane, which I’m liberally interpreting as “stuck in customs”. Luckily, three tracks are already up for listening on Reverb Nation. Two  of the  tracks (“A Tauahi Mai” and “Kareho Koe”) are in Pa’umotu, the language of the Tuamotu archipelago where lead members Aroma and Mano Salmon grew up. The other  (“Falling in Love”) is in English. (Note: no tracks in French, so Tikahiri’s right on par with indie bands in France métropolitaine.)

I must say that Tikahiri in English feels different than Tikahiri in a Polynesian language. The latter feels breezy and fresh, even in its darker moments, sounding as if it is out of 21st century Tahiti where the band lives and records. Tikahiri in English, on the other hand, tends to transport me to L.A. somewhere in the 80s – a curious, though not unpleasant, experience, to say the least.

Linguistic matters aside, Tikahiri seems to be following in the tracks of their debut Tamaki Hope’a, as they remain faithful to their acoustic aesthetic all the while developing it further. As if taken out of some modernist composition, the cellos riffs that open “Falling in Love”, for instance, add a sense of urgency unheard on their debut.

Tikahiri - Making of "Kareho Koe"

Tikahiri - Making of "Kareho Koe"

Tikahiri - Making of "Kareho Koe"

Until Merahi Kerekere is finally released and, hopefully, on iTunes for easy download, I suggest checking out the clip of the making of “Kareho Koe” up on the Facebook page as well. You get to follow band, crew, and, of course, attractive young female model up to the mountains outside of Pape’ete for a late night shoot. I must say that it’s the first time I’ve ever seen a Polynesian man rock a goth look with black lipstick and vintage military jackets, all the while retaining the testosterone factor. (Of course, many of us have seen a few with significantly brighter shades of lipstick, but that’s a different experience altogether that one should be in the mood for.)

Tikahiri - The Band

Tikahiri is…

  • Aroma Salmon – Vocals, Guitar
  • Simon Pillard – Cello
  • Stephane Rossoni – Drums
  • Mano Salmon – Vocals, Bass

How to Listen

Tikahiri’s first album Tamaki Hope’a is available for download from and on iTunes.

New songs on Merahi Kerekere

If I’m guess right from my Hawaiian and basic Tahitian, tupapaku is pa’umotu for “corpse”. So going off the track names,  you have a gothic medley of love, life, and death… and whatever track nine is about.

  1. Kareho Koe
  2. Falling in Love
  3. A Tauahi Mai
  4. Beautiful Lady
  5. Merahi Kerekere
  6. Tupapaku
  7. In Love
  8. You Make My Life
  9. Penetration
  10. Take Me Away
  11. Beyond Reach

More of Tikahiri on Kaila Hawaiʻi



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