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Outside Sources: SoCal Sushi (LA Times Magazine)

March 7, 2010

Sushi - Los Angeles Times Magazine, November 2009
After going through Angeleno, I’ve moved onto exploring the Los Angeles Times Magazine website, whose online design and layout I prefer over New York Times’ counterpart. Okay, it does not carry the seriousness of the Gotham mag nor is it published every week. But compared to the New York Times’s periodic style manifesto T, the L.A. Times imprint carries a certain freshness and joie de vivre that I enjoy. (I also find the typography reminscent of French Vogue.) After all, any magazine that features a well-made cocktail every issue is worthy of respect. Take, for instance, September 2009’s The Fashionista, which, despite the fashion reference, looks like one serious drink… woefully beyond my personal bartending capabilities.

Sushi - Los Angeles Times Magazine, November 2009Staying on the foodie theme, I particularly appreciate Lora Zarubin’s sushi article (fish) (delicious) (November 2009 issue) with its helpful guidelines and great photography. Never have I seen raw fish (above) so closely resemble some kind of stylish accessory (what kind of accessory though, I can’t say). Plus, it’s the first time I’ve seen a guide on how to eat sushi with your hand (left), which, I’ve been told, is how it’s really supposed to be done (at least, for nigiri).

Read more of the Los Angeles Times Magazine here.


  • Photography: Victoria Pearson | Illusration: Jameson Simpson for the Los Angeles Times Magazine.
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