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Far from obsolete: MC Solaar, "Obsolète"

January 30, 2010

MC Solaar - Obsolète

“Obsolète” by MC Solaar, just a great old school jam from 1994 off his second album Prose Combat. (I think 16 years can count as old school, especially in terms of the sound.)

I remember somehow getting my hands on Solaar’s album Prose Combat back at the old Tower Records in ’95. I had no idea what Solaar was rapping about, the only thing I knew was that he trying to be marketed as an LL Cool J en français. Solaar’s style is smooth, but not like LL can if you remember the hooks on “Doin’ It”. Of course, this was before YouTube, when the only way to catch anything from abroad was satellite TV or some tape flown in. It was only last week that I came across the clip for “Obsolète” on YouTube. The first thing I notice is that Solaar is working a head-to-toe outfit that looks like Burberry… of course, before we saw that pattern everywhere, from umbrellas to underwear. That aside, what’s remarkable, it looks like everyone’s actually having a good time, even they were most likely all models hired for the gig.

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