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The future is here, and it’s pretty glossy | Spring 2010 Campaigns, Part II – Calvin Klein Collection, Men

January 12, 2010

David Agbodji - Calvin Klein Collection SS 2010

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This season, the campaign for Calvin Klein Collection for me took a different direction from last season. While Francisco Costa’s collection for women delved into the organic, award-winning Italo Zucchelli went right into the future. Some of the jackets out of the spring 2010 and this past fall 2009 collections would have beenquite  perfect for last year’s Star Trek.

But I digress… I’m loving the shimmer and shine of the new campaign by famed photograher Steven Klein. Model David Agbodji is a real standout and a refreshing change in look for the brand if you catch my drift. After all, diversity is something tobe appreciated. Futhermore, he is one of the models that was able to master the slick, futuristic walk for the Calvin Klein Collection spring show while some of his fellow models looked more like stilted androids.

David Agbodji 2 - Calvin Klein Collction SS 2010

The gleaming, sculptural look of the campaign makes me think of Grace Jones’ iconic album from the eighties, Island Life. While there may not be a direct correlation between Jones and the campaign, Jones’ image had somethign of a revival over 2009. If this campaign means anything, it seems Mr. Agbodji is poised for greater successes this year. In the meantime, check out more of his aesthetic graces for Calvin Klein at

Grace Jones - Island Life


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