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Moist is the word du jour | Spring 2010 Campaigns, Part I – Calvin Klein Collection, Women

January 12, 2010

Monika Jagaciak - Calvin Klein Collection SS 2010

Photographed by David Sims, the new Spring 2010 Calvin Klein Collection for women campaign features Monica Jagaciak, also known as Jac. This is her second, and back-to-back, appearance for Calvin Klein Collection. Jac has already been hailed as the new face of Calvin Klein going into the new decade. [via Fashion Gone Rogue]

Monika Jagaciak 2 - Calvin Klein Collection SS 2010

[Image via Fashionologie]

I’m in love with the sheer naturalness and simplicity of Francisco Costa’s 2010 collection for Calvin Klein and find that the campaign helps to translate it into a different life. Of course, wouldn’t be nice to lounge around with moistened hair and dewey skin by some George Nakashima table looking pensive? But I guess some of us do need to go to work after all…

In retrospect, the collection and campaign, now aeshetically paired, make me think of the Calvin Klein image back in the ninetes. In particular, the wet hair and clingy fabric just takes me back to Christy Turlington in those great Eternity ads.

Of course, the black and white cinematography and waves on the wind also parallels Chris Isaak and Helena Christensen rolling around on the black sand beaches of Hawai’i Island for his song “Wicked Game”, directed by the late and great Herb Ritts.

But then again, wasn’t part of the nineties aesthetic about black-and-white artsy moodiness and minimalism after all the excesses of the eighties? After way too much bling bling, I’m happy to see a revival of more paired down look.

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