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Wine and Design: Nuance Wine Finer

December 26, 2009

Sometimes, it’s the small things that count, especially during the holidays. Take the Nuance Wine Finer, for instance. By far, it’s one of the best small presents we’ve ever received.

You simply slip the Wine Finer into the bottle of your choice to improve the flavor and bouquet of every glass. When you pour from the bottle, the wine is aerated. (This is similar to the more complicated decanting process but without the fancy carafe and candlelight.) By oxidizing the wine, you open up the inherent qualities in a wine, especially in a younger wine that has hadn’t the chance to mature. Moreover, even a commonly available wine can gain in taste with the Wine Finer. Anxious to try it out on Christmas night, we tried the Wine Finer on Coppola Black Label Cabernet Sauvignon and experienced a burst of red fruit flavor that we hadn’t tasted before with this particular cab.  And if you’d like to save the bottle for the next day, just slip the cap in, and the Wine Finer will keep your wine for the next day.

While aerating wine is generally recommended for red wines, we’ll follow the advice of New York Times critic Eric Asimov, who suggests that white wines can also gain in taste by some aeration. (We’re looking forward to the taste test.)

Even better, the Wine Finer is Danish in design, meaning you can appreciate its aesthetic qualities just as much as its function. (We personally think the matte silicone is ultra cool.)

The Nuance Wine Finer is currently available online  from Wine Enthusiast for $24.95.

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  1. Erika Comrie permalink
    December 27, 2009 5:15 am

    What a great suggestion for a holiday gift! Can’t wait to try it out on a burgundy and a malbec I’ve got sitting around. Sounds deal for the times when you don’t have time for decanting. Mahalo!

  2. December 27, 2009 5:41 am

    I received an aerator for Christmas and find it is best to aerate the red wine into a decanter rather than an individual glass. much less mess.

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