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The Return of Sade: “Solider of Love”

December 12, 2009

Just when I thought Sade was enjoying a far too early retirement, drinking champagne and listening to “Paradise”, I came across the happy news in the Twittersphere that Ms. Sade Adu–yes, she does have a last name–is back with a new album. Entitled Solder of Love, the album is slated for a global release on February 8, 2010. Not one to ignore visual signs, I find it curious that we see Ms. Adu facing what appears to be the Mayan pyramids. Could this perhaps be a subtle commentary on the growing 2012 anxiety and that perhaps love will be the way out? We’ll just have to wait until 2010 to find out for sure.

In the mean time, enjoy a listen to the first single, “Solder of Love”, in its entirety.

Also, don’t miss the supahfly Sade mix by DJ Spinna on the Smoking Section, featuring classic tracks like “Feel No Pain”, “No Ordinary Love”, and “Smooth Operator”.

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