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Wine Remedy: Joseph Drouhin Saint-Véran 2006

November 17, 2009

Joseph Drouhin Saint-Véran 2006

Last week, I was faced with an insurmountable task: read… revise that, go through… several hundred pages by 19th century French author whom I don’t care very much. After much gnashing of teeth and procrastination, I finally sat down on Monday evening at 6 pm to take on George Sand. (I should note that, despite the name, George was, in fact, a woman.) By 7 pm, my mind was wandering far off course. I couldn’t manage to stomach any more melodramatic descriptions of her wanderings through Italy.  I needed to take action and fast in order to make it through the night. Thankfully, I had on hand a bottle of Joseph Drouhin Saint-Véran 2006 already chiled in the fridge. The Saint-Véran takes its name after the village of the same name in Bourgogne, or Burgundy. Made entirely from Chardonnay grapes, it was floral with a wash of citrus that was truly enchanting. And thanks to this wonderful Bourgogne, I was able to make it through the night and the rest of George Sand.

Joseph Drouhin Saint-Véran 2006, available at the Makiki Wine Cellar, $15.

1249 Wilder Avenue #B1, Honolulu, HI 96822 – Phone 808 523 9463

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