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Sanity Break…

June 12, 2009

Sanity Break at Satura Cakes

6 pm, June 12, 2009

Kaka‘ako, Kona, O‘ahu-a Lua

The past few weeks has been hectic for the Kaila Hawai‘i team as we look for a new live-in combo work space in what we’ll call the “Honolulu metro area” (now, how many times have you heard that expression?) on a shoestring budget. The frequent result has been frazzled nerves, late-night cocktails (martinis or sidecars have been the preferred liquid remedy), and extra helpings of eye cream come 7 am. Despite the stress, we did manage to turn in a Makiki parking experience into a reality TV moment, singing the “Turn Around” verse of the 80s hit “Total Eclipse of the Heart” when we had to actually turn the car around.  (And we don’t forgot to kūnou to the groovy dude with the dreads and the vintage car who smiled from across the street.)

In any case, after all of that, this Kaila editor had to take a sanity break before heading home. After scoping out the Border’s discount rack and finding a great coffee table book (Hip Hollywood Homes, just for $3.99, down from $40) for the theoretical new moe pēpē (that’s ‘ōlelo Hawai‘i for “crib”, folks), I headed over to Satura Cakes for a beautifully made double macchiatto ($3). Mahalo a nui to the stylish and bespeckled barista whose name I did not catch but whose enthusiasm for coffee I deeply appreciate.

While the design book is circa 2006 and many of the interiors already redone, who wouldn’t be inspired by Sex and the City producer Darren Starr’s sexy pad with the cool pool ? (Page 29 in the pic above is in fact his L.A. residence.) Sipping the caffinated concoction, I saw myself with Carrie Bradshaw sipping Beautifuls après la fête. (Of course, the Samantha in me thought of other, more kolohe things to do as well.)

Now, for the soundtrack, Bonnie Tyler’s “Total Eclipse of the Heart”. (Watch out, 80’s hair… now you know, we’re on the edge.)

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