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Summer Soundtracks: Thievery Corporation

May 30, 2009

Thievery Corporation's "Sweet Tides"

We’re enjoying the sounds of Thievery Corporation’s on their latest release, Radio Retaliation. We’ve been fans for a decade now, and the disc is a real standout. It’s one of the rare instances—at least, as we far back as we can remember—where downtempo chill has managed to successfully take on political commentary (just take a listen to “The Numbers Game” or “33rd Degree”). But our favorite track is perhaps the least political (instrumentals aside, of course). “Sweet Tides”, with vocals courtesy of Loulou, is one of those songs that make for a perfect dreamy interlude, a little cinematic moment for us to lose ourselves. We  like to think of it as an updated companion piece for Mazzy Star’s “Fade into You”. Interestingly enough, the videos are similar with their roadtrip theme, despite being made over a decade apart. ( Compare the two for yourself below.) Both songs are already on our summer playlist for drives down to Keawa‘ula or around Makapu‘u.

Thievery Corporation with Loulou – “Sweet Tides”

(The oversized sunglasses and the dreamcatcher hanging in the car are great touches.)

Mazzy Star – “Fade into You”

(Notice similar theme of solitary woman in an arid landscape, vintage car on a deserted highway and big glasses.)

116_RadioRetaliation_1229225414Thievery Corporation’s “Sweet Tides”  from Radio Retaliation is available on iTunes.Thievery Corporation - Radio Retaliation - Sweet Tides (feat. LouLou)

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